Replacing the LMX9838 from National Semiconductor

As of 2010 July 10th, National Semiconductor released an end-of-life (eol) or product dicontinuance notification for the LMX9838 Bluetooth module and its other family members without offering any alternative solution to its customers. Roving Networks offers two Bluetooth module solutions for customers using any of these National Semiconductor devices for serial communication.

The RN41 and RN42 are Bluetooth modules that offer a number of performance gains over the National Semiconductor products in terms of current consumption, output power and data rate.

Like the National solution, the RN42 is a Class 2 radio that offers about 30m range typical line-of-sight (LoS). For customers looking to extend range by way of a Class 1 radio to see a range in the order of 100m typical line of sight then the RN41 may provide a more suitable alternative.

Update added on januari 31, 2014 upon request from Texas Instruments® (TI): After National Semiconductor has been aquired by TI this product has been released again at an unspecified date and is available for purchase at time of this update. The acquisition has been annonounced on Sept. 23, 2011 and more information can be found at this link. Between this news item and the date of this update Roving Networks has been aquired by MicroChip® on April 19, 2012, more information can be found at this link.

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