About Us

About us

PEPR was founded in 2002. At first, the main business evolved around business development. Long experience in leading auto identification companies on various levels, as well as in depth market knowledge helped the young company quickly gain success.

In 2003, PEPR started to develop a distribution network for batch and wireless laser scanners. The first product was selected for its unique features and strong nice market positioning. The product sells fast and this was the start for further expansion with wireless connectivity and other products into new markets.

Now in 2010 PEPR has entered into an agreement with datasphere to sell their line card in addition to our existing business. Hereby significantly expanding product lines and gaining access to larger warehouse facilities of components and the use of combined purchasing power. With this step, PEPR has started into a path of accelerated growth, and is increasingly better at serving their customers. This new direction will take until the end of 2010 getting all product lines on our website. However, inquiries can start as October 1 of 2010.