Scanfob® 2002 on iOS

Keyboard Setup - Scanfob 2002 Bluetooth Laser Barcode Scanner

Videos: How to connect Scanfob wireless Bluetooth barcode scanner to iPad

Setup Scanfob scanner in Bluetooth HID mode to OS X [COMING SOON]

Document: Setup Scanfob Keyboard language

Before Setup

Please start by confirming that you have an iOS device that can work with the Scanfob 2002.
- All models
iPhone - All models starting with 3GS running iOS 4+
iPod Touch - All models starting with 3rd Gen running iOS 4+
If you have iPhone 3GS or iPod Touch Gen3, check your iOS version by opening Settings > General and find Version

Scanfob keyboard setup

Please advise: You should remove the prefix character from the Scanfob 2002 to avoid strange data output or conflicts with other applications.
From the Scanfob Setup Document, on the HID side, scan the barcode under Step 5: (prefix=NONE, suffix=CR)

Note: You will need to use the Scanfob 2002 Setup document in the next section. Download it here if you don't have the copy sent with the Scanfob 2002.

Initial Setup

1) If the Scanfob 2002 Bluetooth is on (LED flashing Blue), turn OFF the Bluetooth.
To turn off Bluetooth, scan the Disconnect and Radio Off barcode or hold down the function button for 5 seconds until the Scanfob beeps once (or twice if it was connected to something).

2) Scan the HID barcode located on the first page of the setup document. The Scanfob 2002 will beep several times.

3) Scan the Make Discoverable & Connectable barcode (or hold the small function button on the scanner for 5 seconds until the scanner beeps) so that your device can find the Scanfob.

4) Open Settings > General > Bluetooth and set Bluetooth ON
The iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch will search for Bluetooth devices and the Scanfob should appear as long as the blue LED is flashing.

Scanfob keyboard setup

5) Choose the Scanfob scanner from the Bluetooth Devices list by tapping on the name of the device to begin the connection process.

6) The host device (your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) will provide you with a PIN Code to enter in from the Scanfob.
Since the Scanfob isn't a keyboard and doesn't have a keypad, barcodes must be scanned to enter in the required digits. These barcodes are located on the Scanfob Setup document.

After all of the requested numbers have been scanned, scan the END barcode to complete the setup.

Here's a tip on scanning the required digits:
Scanfob keyboard setup


Once the Scanfob 2002 is connected to your iOS device, it will remain connected until the either side (scanner or iOS device) terminates the connection, is turned off, or runs out of battery.

To disconnect the Scanfob from an iOS device, you can use any one of the following methods:

  • From iOS device, open Settings > General > Bluetooth and set Bluetooth OFF
  • From Scanfob 2002, hold the function button for 5 seconds until the scanner beeps twice
  • From Scanfob 2002, scan the Disconnect and Radio Off barcode

If the scanner light continues to blink after disconnecting, this means that it will try to reconnect for 2 minutes before shutting off completely. One more beep will occur when the Scanfob shuts off.


Reconnecting the Scanfob to your iOS device is easy. Either:

  • From Scanfob 2002, hold the large scanning trigger button for 5 seconds until the scanner beeps twice.
  • Scan the Connect barcode on the Scanfob Setup document

After the Scanfob beeps twice from one of the above methods, it may take between 2-5 seconds for the Scanfob to complete the reconnection. One more long beep will occur when the Scanfob completes the reconnection.

If the Scanfob needs to be moved to another device, please see the section on initial setup.

Keyboard Setup - Troubleshooting

Q: Why isn't my device isn't finding the Scanfob, even though the blue LED is flashing?

  • Verify that the scanner is flashing blue because it is discoverable, not just connectable.

    Use the Make Discoverable & Connectable barcode, or hold the smaller button on the Scanfob for 5 seconds to make it discoverable. Holding the larger button for 5 seconds will make it connectable, but not discoverable. Learn about the Scanfob 2002 buttons.

  • Your device may not support the Bluetooth HID protocol.

iOS 4.0 (or greater) is required to use Bluetooth HID on Apple mobile devices.

Unsupported devices:
Apple iPhone 3G (or earlier) [iPhone 3G does not have Compass application]
Apple iPod Touch 2G (or earlier) [External link: Which iPod Touch do I have?]

Q: My on-screen keyboard was disabled on my iOS device! What gives?

By design, Apple hides the on-screen keyboard when an external Bluetooth keyboard is detected.

Scanfob 2002 scanners shipped since mid December 2010 have the ability to bring this keyboard back.

Simply scan the barcode located on the setup document labeled Enable iOS Keyboard Toggle. Once the Scanfob is connected to the device, press the small function button on the Scanfob to toggle the iOS keyboard.

If your Scanfob 2002 does not scan the Enable iOS Keyboard Toggle barcode, your scanner may have been shipped before the mid December 2010 update. Please contact PEPRfor a Scanfob firmware update.

Q: I want to use Grid-In-Hand™ Mobile Grid on my iOS device, but scanned barcodes aren't inserted into the grid

Q: When I scan into my iOS device, it looks like a "backspace" occurs before the barcode data, or scanning into my computer opens the bookmarks panel, produces bold characters, or strange keystrokes

The default 'STX' prefix on the Scanfob in HID mode can generate some interesting results on different types of systems.

To correct this, print and scan this barcode.