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Barcode scanners (DC) » Wireless (DC)

Range of data collection scanners. Scanners for regular applications but which can also store and collect data with time stamps. Ideal for use in work order scanning, order picking, time & attendance applications. Scanners often used in mobility and data collection application areas.

Barcode scanners (DC) » Wired & Batch (DC)

ROV Barcode Scanner (MS2200) The Simple, Affordable, Connected ROV Barcode Scanner (MS2200) enables price sensitive data collection on virtually any computing platform. With a rich feature set, wide variety of accessories, and a Bluetooth version, the ROV Barcode Scanner is well suited for your application. The Microvision ROV Scanner is a 1D laser, handheld Barcode Scanner with Microvision’s proprietary MEMS technology. Properties inherent to MEMS technology keep the scanner's reliability high and costs low. The ROV Scanner is capable of transferring scanned barcodes via a Serial cable or Plug'n'Play USB cable.

Barcode scanners (DC) » Accessories Microvision

Accessories for Microvision Flic HS2122 and ROV MS2200 scanner product lines.

Barcode scanners (DC) » Accessories Koamtac

Accessories Koamtac barcode scanners KDC100, KDC200, KDC250, KDC300, KDC400 product lines.

Barcode scanners (DC) » Accessories Scanfob

Accessories for Scanfob 2002 and 2003 product lines from Serialio.

Barcode scanners (DC) » Accessories Serialio

Products for easy integration and great flexibility. You buy products from Serialio if you value solutions that are maintained much longer then the product life cycle. If you value flexibility yet easy integration. When you seek solutions that are build and used in your industry for more than 10 years. We know their solutions work and your change on quick success needs their solutions. Serialio has started on these solutions since 1996. PEPR got involved with their expertise to integrate hardware with middleware to build solutions since 2003.