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KDC Laser Data Collector

Product description:
KDC Laser Data Collector

Make your data capture simple and efficient with KoamTac's KDC200 barcode data collector which can fit on the palm of your hand.

KDC200 is the world's smallest data collector with bright OLED display, Li-polymer rechargeable battery, large data storage, and diverse connectivity to the host including Bluetooth, USB, and Serial interface.

The KDC200 runs on a rechargeable battery and can scan more than 10,000 barcodes between charges and data downloads to a host device. KDC200 supports Bluetooth 2.0+EDR class 2 as well as USB and Serial interface. KDC200 supports PDF417 and 1D barcode.

Model: KDC200

Art nr: 100.024

Manufacturer: Koamtac

Last update: 27th of April 2012

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Enables diverse mobile barcode data collection applications
Users can easily collect and upload stored barcode data from the battery powered KD200 to the host device via Bluetooth  SPP, Serial and USB at any time.

Puts an end to erroneous, blind barcode data collection processes
Inaccurate barcode data collection can result in flawed records. Users can easily verify and manipulate the scanned barcode data visually on the large, 1" display with three buttons.

No more power and memory shortages
With normal periodic charging, the built-in Li-Polymer rechargeable battery powers up to one year of barcode data collection without replacement. The USB connector easily allows users to upload stored barcode data and charge the battery virtually anywhere.

No more complex data synchronization processes
Host devices such as PC, PDA and mobile phones can detect and perform upload processes automatically upon connecting the KDC200 to the device.

Microsoft® XP, Vista, PocketPC2003 and Mobile5.0+ support KoamTac provides free synchronization and wedging software for Windows XP, Vista, PocketPC2003 and Mobile5.0+ devices.

Blackberry®, Symbian®, Apple®  and Palm® support
User can write the application for Blackberry, Symbian, Apple, Palm and other OS using KDC200 SDK.

SerialMagic® Professional from Serialio provides barcode extensible wedging and scripting capability between KDC200 and Blackberry, Symbian, Apple,Palm and Window devices.  Please contact local sales representative for the SerialMagic price information.


Supports all major 1D barcodes and PDF417 (option)

Superior scanning performance with the top of the line laser scan engine

Large data memory (190K bytes up to 10,240 barcodes)

Bluetooth V2.0+EDR, Class 2, SPP (Serial Port Profile)

Bright OLED display

Rechargeable Li-Poly battery with user-accessible compartment for easy replacement


Physical Characteristics Size: 1.37" x 2.44" x 0.59" (35mm x 62mm x 15mm) Weight: 1.2 oz. (35 grams)
Electrical Characteristics Battery: Lithium-Polymer rechargeable (3.7V DC, 190mAh) Charging: Via USB connector Typical Operating Current: 120mA@3.3V
Scanning Performance Scan Rate: 100 scans/sec
Drop Specification 4 feet (1.22m) with Rubber Case
Temperature Operating: 32oF(0oC) ~ 113oF(45oC) Storage: -4oF(-20oC) ~ 113oF(45oC)
Humidity 5% ~ 85% (non condensing)
Interface Bluetooth V2.0+EDR, Class2, SPP USB (Ultra mini USB port) Serial (Ultra mini USB port)
Functionality Memory FlashROM: 190KB Data Storage Memory RAM: 64KB Microprocessor: ARM7, 32 bits Keyboard: 1 scan button, 2 scroll buttons Realtime Clock: Quartz RTC for optional time stamp field
Symbologies EAN, UPC, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, Codabar, Interleaved 2 of 5, GS1-128 (UCC/EAN128), Code 3 of 5, PDF417 (Option)
Synchronization Store to a file or transfer to the application Keyboard wedge function Adds prefixes and suffixes Barcode option selection
Application Generation SDK for PC and PDA application Application generation tool for custom application
Regulatory Conformance Laser Safety - IEC Class I, CDRH Class II EMC - CE, FCC, MIC
Package Contents
  • 1 Data Collector with rechargeable battery
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 Neck strap
  • 1 Software CD
Accessories Rubber Case
Models KDC200 - 1D barcodes KDC200P - 1D and PDF417 barcodes

Accessories (1)

SIO SM-PLT-PRO SerialMagic Pro Platform license (SM-PLT-PRO)

SIO SM-PLT-PRO SerialMagic Pro Platform license

SIO SM-PLT-PRO SerialMagic Pro Platform license. PEPR part number is 100039.

Manufacturer: SerialIO


Downloads (12)

  Data sheets

# Description: Revision: Size: Download:
1 KDC200 Brochure KDC200-080801 103.87 KB Download link

  Manuals and Guides

# Description: Revision: Size: Download:
1 KDC200 Programmers guide 2.66 299.69 KB Download link
2 KDC200 User manual 2.80 1.94 MB Download link
3 KDC200 Firmware 1.83 & 2.83 upgrade guide 2.83 28.63 KB Download link
4 KDC200 Programmers Manual 2.82 582.86 KB Download link


# Description: Revision: Size: Download:
1 Firmware 1.83 (Yellow display) 1.83 50.82 KB Download link
2 Firmware 2.83 (Blue display) 2.83 50.95 KB Download link


# Description: Revision: Size: Download:
1 KTsync mobile software (Microsoft Windows Mobile 5) 401.31 KB Download link
2 KTsync mobile software (Microsoft Windows Mobile 6) 401.31 KB Download link
3 KDC100 & KDC200 SDK package 2.82 3.42 MB Download link


# Description: Revision: Size: Download:
1 KTReader 1.83 & 2.83 (x86 & x64) drivers (Microsoft Windows) 2.83 1.96 KB Download link


# Description: Revision: Size: Download:
1 KDC200 High Quality Pictures 1.0 11.75 MB Download link

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