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BlueSentry with enclosure

Product description:
BlueSentry with enclosure

BlueSentry-AD data acquisition and control modules contain an 8 channel 16 bit AD converter (TI ADS8344), sampling analog signals and converting to a Bluetooth-enabled digital data stream. The device also has two general purpose digital in/outputs and 2 FET power switches for controlling sensor power that can be configured over the same Bluetooth link using simple output commands.

Model: RN-800S-AD

Art nr: 100.011

Manufacturer: Roving Networks

Last update: 3rd of May 2012

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About the size of a standard business card, and less than 1” thick, BlueSentry-AD easily attaches to sensor outputs, automatically taking continuous measurements. Data is transferred wirelessly to PC and PDAclients using Serial Port Profile. Or pair the BlueSentry with the BluePort II or XP serial adapter and connect to any legacy serial port! Software applications can control and acquire data as if they were connected to a local serial port.

BlueSentry contains a built in processor and smart Bluetooth radio. The device is programmed over Bluetooth via simple ASCII characters. Both ASCII and binary output formats are supported. Channels can be selected as single ended or differential measurements.


BlueSentry can be connected using Serial Port Profile directly to Bluetooth clients, giving computers and PDAs the ability to directly obtain data from the sensors.

The BlueLine access point can acquire, store, and display data over a LAN or the Internet from multiple ( 1 to 7)  BlueSentrys.

The BluePort II and XP serial adapters can be used to automatically connect to BlueSentry, to enable serial controllers, PCs and other clients which do not have built in Bluetooth hardware .

Key features:

  • Class I Bluetooth™ radio long-range operation, 333' (100m)*.
  • External SMA Antenna option available (RN-800S-E)
  • Sleep mode (11ma) while still connectable
  • Up to 3khz data rates(binary mode, 1 channel )
  • Selectable 1 to 8 channels of sampling
  • Selectable data capture rates, from 1 Hz to 3Khz.
  • Counter mode with settable voltage threshold setting
  • Differential or single ended inputs

* 333'/100m range is dependent upon environment, number of users, and other wireless devices within immediate proximity.


These devices can be operated in many modes:

  • 8 16 bit Input A/D channels 0-5VDC at up to 3000Hz sample rate.
  • 2 on board FET switches for powering external sensors.
  • 2 general purpose inputs/outputs (15ma drive) for control.
  • High Power (Class 1 - 16db TX) – 100Meter Bluetooth™ radio with integral chip antenna.
  • External SMA jack Antenna option, order RN-800S-E.
  • Low power 6-12VDC (75ma) can run from 4-AAA batteries.
  • Serial Port Profile enabled, slave or master mode capable.
  • Low power sleep and wake on connect options.
  • screw post (power in, 2 ch), RJ45 (power in, 6 ch) and 12 pin internal header connections.
  • Small form factor: 1.6” X 3.0” X 0.9”

Downloads (2)

  Data sheets

# Description: Revision: Size: Download:
1 ADC Chip datasheet SBAS139C 405 KB Download link
2 Bluesentry datasheet 1.0 40.04 KB Download link

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