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I recently implemented wireless scanning of inventory. Our ERP software uses a web interface to input data into the inventory. Upon initial research, I was distraught by the costs of the motorola and dolphin wireless barcode scanners. At $2,000 and up it was a tough sell to get the number of scanners I needed. Then I found and their Scanfob Bluetooth barcode scanner. The thought of pairing a barcode scanner with an iPod touch to scan inventory was exciting, the cost was a no-brainer and I picked one up to test it out. For our first inventory on the new system I was lucky enough to get my hands on a couple evaluation units of the "industry standard" scanners to test out up against my Scanfob® 2002 Bluetooth laser barcode scanner. I was shocked by how difficult the other units were to configure and use, especially up against the iPod / Scanfob® 2002 unit. I had multiple people try out each of the test units, as well as the Scanfob® 2002. Every single person chose the Scanfob® 2002 as their prefered device. In total we saved two and a half to three days time by scanning the inventory as opposed to manually entering it. But that is not the best point! We saved approximately $1,400 each (including the price of an iPod touch). In total we saved $4,200 for the three handheld units we wanted scanning material transactions. We now get the benefit of using iOS's user friendly interface with the Scanfob® 2002 barcode scanners. There is no competition that even comes close. I would recommend to anyone looking at buying a wireless barcode scanner, try out a Scanfob® 2002 against the other units, and you will see that I am not leading you wrong. Please tell everyone this was written off the cuff, and I did not stretch the truth one bit. I appreciate your great product, and I will be buying more in the future. Thank you. - Michael Taylor, IT Manager, STI International

A recent addition was made to our security department, using the KDC 200 mobile wireless laser barcode scanner with Grid-In-Hand(tm) Mobile Grid software. This has taken our security department to a new level of patrol quality and performance. Our security personnel are required to perform 17 preventative maintenance tasks and safety Inspections throughout the work week along with their directed patrol duties. This was beginning to become a very tedious record keeping process and time consuming work process when having to carry a clip board with you everywhere you go. We have now bar coded each of the 17 PM’s and are now working at a far more proficient level and with secure mobile data upload we are able to increase the supervisors efficiencies as well. The estimated work related cost savings for our department is approximately $6,000 dollars per year in record keeping and employee labor. We are proud to be customers. I recommend this equipment and software to all security professionals- Tim Sisk, Le Sueur Inc.

Streetlight.Vision is a software company providing SmartGrid and Intelligent Streetlight applications to cities in order to drastically reduce energy usage on city electricity networks, automatically identify failures and remote control any equipment in the city. The initial step of installing our solutions is to inventory and register properly the electronic devices which are installed in the streets and buildings in the city. The Scanfob® 2002 Bluetooth barcode reader is simply the best choice : simple and efficient, robust and small device, on top of an excellent and very reactive technical support. We tried several industrial products which were all either too complex or not suitable for barcoding in various environmental conditions. The Scanfob® 2002 is the ideal companion of our iPad and Windows-based applications. Christophe Orceau - General Manager - Streetlight.Vision
Our company recently developed oneScan™, a new warehouse scanning solution that runs on the iPad™ and needed to find a reliable, cost-effective scanner to recommend to our customers. We purchased a Scanfob® 2002 to test with our software and were please to find it worked brilliantly on the iPad™. The Serialio support team's knowledge, and the high level of customer service they provided was more than enough to prove to me that we had found not only the right product, but also the right company to pair with the software solutions we provide to our customers. We look forward to recommending Serialio's solutions and intend to use your company as our preferred hardware provider for future projects. -Brian Billingsley, Technical Director, Online One

We have a greenhouse propagation data recording system. Previously it involved lugging around a laptop and a corded barcode scanner. The corded (USB) scanner behaved poorly in bright sunlight, and the cord always managed to drag on and disturb small seedlings. We wanted to move all the data collection and note-taking functions to a easy to use system on iPhone / iPad, and wanted to get a better barcode scanner. Our first attempt involved a Baracoda Pencil2 Bluetooth barcode wand scanner, thinking that using a wand would eliminate the bright ambient light problem, but actually the wand had a hard time scanning the plant tag barcodes in ANY light, I think because the tag material is fairly glossy. The Bluetooth Pen scanner also would not connect to the iOS devices. The Scanfob® 2002 was recommended to us, and it performs perfectly in bright sun, it also emulates a Bluetooth keyboard on the iPhone / iPad without additional software so it's a breeze to use. The Scanfob® 2002 is so lightweight and compact I keep it in my pants pocket with a retractable key lanyard on my belt loop, so that it is always available for use whether I'm expecting it or not. It's remarkable that such a small unit is a true scanning laser, and not a CCD imager. I highly recommend the Scanfob® 2002! - Troy Meyers

We recently implemented a prototype for a cold-chain management and food traceability system using temperature-sensing RFID sensor. helped us put the solution together. The system keeps track of the temperature and location of each tag, and uploads them to a server which is accessible from the internet. We used the Grid-in-handTM Mobile Grid app running on an Android phone to upload the data. The solution was cutting-edge in that used pre-production samples of temperature-sensing RFID tags from Wavetrend, a UK-based RFID company.

Beyond the fact that the solution worked flawlessly, I want to highlight the truly outstanding service we got from They made software changes to the Mobile Grid app without having access to the RFID parts, simply working off of data sheets from Wavetrend. When the parts arrived from the UK, they worked over the weekend to iron out the last-minute glitches and get the software to read and display the data in the correct format. A custom version of the app was delivered to us to work with our new RFID tags. Our demo was highly successful, and we owe a great deal to’s dedication and enthusiasm. has the repertory of components and know-how to help you build a solution for your specific RFID needs. But it is their service and willingness to invest in your success that truly sets them apart! - Sanjay Sengupta (Fortune 1000 Chip Maker)

I’m an Automated Systems Analyst for the County of San Bernardino providing support to our Animal Care & Control program.  We use BatchMagic 2001 scanners with Chameleon/CMS software on our network and recently implemented a new feature called Quick Kennel.  It allows animal shelters to perform kennel inventories by using barcode scanners on the kennel cards. We are very satisfied with the quality and performance of the BatchMagic scanners.  Serialio has competitive prices and their customer satisfaction policies put them above the rest.  We will definitely be doing business with them again.   Thanks Serialio! – Mario Luna, County of San Bernardino Public Health Dept, ACC

I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for such a great product (KeyBatchTM BR1 Batch & Real-Time Scanner) and company! Everyone I spoke with at your company was pleasant to deal with and very professional. I also wanted to point out that your staff, has incredible technical specialists. The communications with regarding a glitch in SerialMagic Professional. I was very surprised to come home to an email with an update and a fix. Most companies do not usually have such a quick response. As a business owner, I understand what is involved in conducting smooth business and you definetly have a great system in place. More importantly, you have excellent staff. To me this makes all the difference. - Sam Lanzafame, President - Midwest Airsoft Guerrillas

I really using the little BatchMagic scanners. In comparison to the MC5590's that I have to work with (and troubleshoot) on a daily/weekly basis (I have 16 of those junkers to use and 3 more PDA's on top of that). The 5 BatchMagic scanners are a real treat in size and efficiency – Daniel Stewart, Quality Control Supervisor

SerialMagic Pro is the solution our Logistics department uses with our Cognex DataMan 7550. We needed an application that was easy to use and easy to deploy and the guys at Serialio provided exactly that. Serialio also excels when it comes to technical support with a service that is prompt and thorough provided by people who are both competent and friendly. Thank you! - Ian Desmond
SerialMagic is ahead of the game by providing Vista compatible software for a multitude of Bluetooth devices. We are deploying new handheld salesman devices and had purchased the Socket Mobile CHS7E scanner. Wanting to implement Windows Vista Tablet we found Socket Mobile's included software didn't support Vista but SerialMagic did. Now we can implement the latest technology without having to wait for the manufacture to catch up.'s technical support is also impressive, they helped walk me through setting it up over the phone even while only using a trial version. Needless to say I purchased SerialMagic Professional and would highly recommend to anyone. Randy Gohn - Grattan Fastening Products

Serialio offers Great Software, Great Products,  and even better customer service. I will not hesitate to recommend Serialio and their SerialMagic software to my colleagues. Serialio offer a truly flexible product that meets our companies scanning needs to a T. Furthermore, after speaking with their technical support, I am confident that Serialio will be able to assist our business needs well into the future. - J. Crofton, International Development Director, Jai Kudo Eyewear

I recently purchased an Intermec SF51 Bluetooth barcode scanner. Intermec told me there was no way that the SF51 would work with a Mac. I can't tell you how pleased I am that the SF51 Bluetooth barcode scanner works on my Mac using SerialMagic Pro for OS X! Continually amazed. - Darron Jeans, Manager and Inventory specialist.

I recently purchased SerialMagic Professional for my Samsung SCH-i760 smart phone with Windows Mobile 6.1.  I can not express in words how grateful I was to find 

After a substantial investment in time and money on the Intermec SF51 cordless scanner and charger, I was dismayed to find that it would not pair with my mobile device. I spent hours pouring through complicated Intermec manuals and on the phone with Intermec customer support.  While courteous and willing to be of service, Intermec technical support simply had no idea even how to begin addressing my pairing problems.  The company is simply not accustomed to dealing with folks trying to link their scanners to smart phones, PDAs, etc.  I thought my endeavor was doomed to failure and was very close to cutting my losses and giving up when I discovered Serialio. 

Within a few moments of explaining my plight, Serialio technical support understood and diagnosed my problem.  Ten minutes later, they had my scanner paired with my phone and I was scanning barcodes.  I can not over exaggerate my jubilation.  Yesterday, I purchased the touchscreen edition of SerialMagic Professional and put my SF51 to work scanning large batches of UPC labels to my phone.  I reckon that my efficiency increased by 200-300%!   Serialio really saved my butt on this one!  - Jacob Trooyer

Mile High Grocery Supply Inc. is a distributor to over 100 grocery stores in Colorado. has provided an very easy to use restocking solution and the support provided has been exceptional. Workers can take orders 50% faster than previously. Reorder errors are eliminated due to bar code capture. – Richard Radack, Mile High Grocery Supply

I want to thank you so much! I had spent the last 3 days frustrated and unable to connect my Microvision ROV bluetooth laser barcode scanner to my BlackBerry OS 5 phone. I tried using the "Scanner Wedge" software provided by Microvision and after 2 days of calling and emailing tech support- they finally concluded that their software was not compatible with my Blackberry OS 5 phone! I was about to send the scanner back figuring there was no way to make it work. I then contacted support line and within 10 minutes the SerialMagic Professional software was loaded and working on my BlackBerry OS 5 phone! What a huge relief-- I can't believe how easy it was after I wasted so much time trying to get "Scanner Wedge" to work! Thank you again for your help! - Melissa Granke, Spitzer Autoworld

We are using SerialMagic Professional on an Intermec CN3e HH to collect data from a LAND CYCLOPS 100B high temp pyrometer. When we check our furnace temps we are required to shoot the tube temps inside the furnaces. SerialMagic allows one person to do the work that previously required 2 people S.M., Chevron

Thank you for a great product! We are using SerialMagic Professional with an Intermec SR61 handheld cordless Bluetooth scanner. We scan data into OpenOffice on a Mac under OSX 10.5 (Leopard release). We will be buying a few more licenses for all our users who have an occasion to use the scanners. It works perfectly! Your SerialMagic software is the Key! - Dan Butzer, Sun Microsystems

Thanks for helping me setup SerialMagic Professional to enable the Allflex Stick Reader in reading RFID tag numbers into Excel Mobile on my Windows Mobile PDA. I have used the “match” feature in an adjacent column in excel to identify tag numbers I want to find, and then “count” in another column that adds up the number of tags found as you go (another column has the total count of the number of tags I’m looking for ). The PDA is mounted onto the stick reader so using large fonts the visual cue of the match feature is enough to identify the tags wanted, as you are looking where you are scanning. -Andrew Brosnahan, Freshpork Farms Ltd

Using the LaserChamp we have streamlined our business process and greatly marginalized the impact of human error in all phases of the product cycle.  Thank you for all your help in getting the system up and running on our Linux laptop systems. The LaserChamp + SerialIO bundle has really stepped up for us and provided a great value for the price. - Dave Gullo, President,

SerialMagic is a core part of our business. McAfee had improperly marked the SerialMagic program so I sent an email to, and in 10 minutes I got a reply. That’s good stuff. Plus, while I was working with McAfee on the issue was too. I love that. Not only did point me in the right direction, you FOLLOWED UP! That is very important in this field of work. Thank you very much for all your help. With out you guys our International Airports would not function. -Mike Hall, Information Technology, Allegiant Air

With the LaserChamp scanner and SerialMagic Pro, we were able to develop a highly streamlined retail data capture process that allows us to work efficiently in retail store environments where mobility and accuracy are paramount (think planogram). Thanks SerialIO! - K McKinnon, Optimize on Demand™

In 2007 we replaced our Detex time clock system with the LaserChamp barcode scanner and ScanChamp® ScanReader software version for better documentation of building checks. Proficiency has greatly increased by providing evidence of a guard presence at a specific location, date, and time, and all in a familiar and easy to use Excel format. We have been using the system for over a year and it has proven to be a great product being user friendly, accurate, and very cost effective (saving about 10.5% on monthly equipment cost) . has provided outstanding tech support, and I highly recommend this system. -Major Lee Arrington, Site Supervisor, American Security.

The LaserChamp barcode scanner Bluetooth scanner I purchased from works great with my Verizon 6700 (Windows Mobile 5).  Serialio was always there to walk me through any questions I had. I've worked with for over a year as I wanted to experiment with a few different phone and scanner combinations. Tech Support, was always very honest, available and basically bent over backwards and jumped a few hoops for me. I recommend Serialio with my highest rating - a Full Five Stars!  They value their customers and they stand by their excellent products.  -Patrcia Garcia, American Business Ventures

SerialMagic Professional allows us to scan data into Terminal Services used for our delivery method from a Filemaker database that is used to connect to our remote warehouse's central database. We were unable to do this using software provided from Metrologic's with Voyager BT Bluetooth barcode scanner connected to our Bluetooth enabled Tablet PC. -Alex Hellier, Absolute Music Solutions Ltd.

I am successfully and happily using USB RS-232 and SerialMagic Pro OS X to input readings/measurements from a Mahr 40EX digital micrometer AND a Mahr VC045 digital caliper. Data is put directly into Filemaker Pro system. There doesn't seem to be any micrometer maker who makes Mac OSX drivers or software. SerialMagic Pro OS X bridges the gap very nicely. - Mike Bell, Enbel Data Systems

I am overwhelmed with the unusually wonderful customer service you guys have shown me. Not all companies have this quality of customer service, and it is so refreshing when someone actually understands what you need, and gives you more than that. Customer service is a slowly disappearing culture with so many companies, wholesale and retail alike. I think a company with your "old-fashioned customer service" deserves praise.
- L. Smith, Account Executive, CAS Severn, Inc.

Since leaving my corporate job in September I'm now an Amazon home seller and use SerialMagic Professional running on my Blackberry 8850 with a LaserChamp II Bluetooth scanner. I'm a very happy user of the LaserChamp II Bluetooth scanner. It is reliable and was easy to install using SerialMagic Pro. The LaserChamp scanner itself seems durable and has a good overall scanning sensitivity (I've used various corded scanners since the stone age).  I just contacted tech support dept to confirm I can in fact use the same scanner with a Windows Mobile PDA! I  was delighted by the speed of the support response. I have recommended your product once and would do so again in the future. - Steve Thurston

I have really enjoyed using your LaserChamp barcode scanner and SerialMagic software products. We operate 3 gas station and convenience stores. The LaserChamp Bluetooth bar code scanners have given us the capability to scan all of our products for our POS system without having to either drag the items to the back room computer or using a cable on laptop. We can do the job in less than half the time that it used to take. -Derek Stephan, Eureka Fuel Company

Our company, Tampa Bay Optometric Group, manages a series of 11 doctors offices. We use the LaserChamp Bluetooth scanner and SerialMagic Pro on my Treo 650 to inventory of all of the optometric equipment. Before, due to lighting and other obstacles, inventory would be difficult. Now, with the LaserChamp and SerialMagic, inventory is much easier and less time consuming. All we have to do is walk room to room shooting all of the barcodes. Thanks, everything is working great. - Greg Engel

We use LaserChamp Bluetooth barcode laser scanners and SerialMagic Professional along with Eautomate's RemoteTech component allowing technicians to provide real-time copier part's replacement information using the the web browser on their BlackBerry right from the customers's location. Parts replacement information is then immediately available at company offices. - Jason Wheeler, MSA, Inc

I work in the medical device sector and regularly need to track inventory that is used by my customers. I am happy with the performance of my LaserChamp scanner and how it works with SerialMagic Professional Power Upgrade on my Blackberry Storm scanning HIBC barcodes. The bottom line is the device saves me time, full stop! Aside from the SerialMagic/LaserChamp performance, the most important/ impressive part of Serialio is customer service. I have had prompt, friendly service for even the most minor of issues. Even though I am moderately tech savvy, I end my conversations with them feeling confident in the wireless scanner and software capabilities and not like I have wasted their time. I recommend the SerialMagic/LaserChamp to anyone who needs to work quickly and efficiently with inventory that needs to be accounted for. - Ian Campbel, Johnson & Johnson

IntelliCellar recommends the LaserMagic Bluetooth scanning bundle from for use with the IntelliCellar Kiosk on Apple OS X. It makes wine cellar tracking easy as 1-2-3.- George Ouzts, IntelliCellar

...I was able to purchase this brand-new [LaserChamp Bluetooth scanner ] with warranty for less than a used Socketscan series 7 and [The LaserChamp] happens to be a better... -Matthew Rumley, Owner, National Warehouse >>> Click here for more.

...After purchasing SerialMagic, my PDA troubles have gone away. I can now rapidly sync my scanner with my PDA all of the time without interruption. The software is much faster and does not have the glitchiness that I was experiencing with the Socketscan software -Matthew Rumley, Owner, National Warehouse >>> Click here for more.

I use SerialMagic Professional for Windows Mobile allowed me to easily interface a Fisher Accu-413 balance with an HP iPAQ hx-4700 PDA using an RS-232 cable.  Hundreds of weight readings that would otherwise have to be entered by hand, are done with SerialMagic directly into Pocket Excel. This signifciantly cuts time to make readings, and reduces errors from misreads. The installation and setup was simple, and Serial IO provided excellent technical support for their product. Using SerialMagic saves about 10 hours per week. -Cindy, Graduate Research Assistant

I've never had such rapid customer support response from any vendor!!!
I am now able to use SerialMagic to send data from my scanner directly into DataViz's Sheets, Go spreadsheet, and MobileDB database. This is great!! -Bob Stewart

I have been using SerialMagic Pro for OS X for almost a year, and it has worked flawlessly the whole time. The communication and support provided by is second to none. I have never emailed a question and not been impressed with the prompt reply, even to the point of fixing a software glitch and emailing me an update within a couple of hours. Simply amazing - Darron Jeans, Manager and Inventory specialist

We use the LaserChamp Bluetooth barcode scanner SerialMagic Pro for OS X and other software to keep track of technology equipment (laptops, LCD projectors, camcorders, ETC.) that we loan out for district use. I am also considering expanding this to include videotapes, which are checked out to our various schools on a daily basis. We are now free from cables between the barcode scanner ant the Mac OS X computer -Mark Mariola, Supervisor Instructional Technology, Garden Grove Unified School District

Freiker, Inc. is a non-profit ( using the ScanChamp software and LaserChamp barcode scanner in a program designed to encourage K-5 school kids to ride bikes to school. Each day the bikes are scanned and the data is uploaded to the Internet with the use of the SerialIO solutions.daily basis. We are now free from cables between the barcode scanner and the Mac OS X computer. I want to thank for the exceptional support. Your assistance has been extremely informed and diligent in providing both timely and complete information. In particular I wanted to thank you for the help with providing an updated version of ScanChamp to address the issues with the Apple'e change to Intel Core Duo processors. - Tim Carlin's customer service is not only good, but seems important to Shortly after I received SerialMagic Pro for OS X and a Bluetooth wireless LaserChamp scanner, I tried to install the LaserChamp on my Mac OS X computer. Unfortunately I was unable to get to get it to work and, wrote an email to about the issue. To my surprise the next business day, I received a personal phone call from (rather than just an email response). The person on the phone worked with me one-on-one to isolate the problem. The problem it turns out, was a hardware problem with my Mac and as soon as that was fixed the LaserChamp worked as expected via Bluetooth. On other OS X computers (without Bluetooth hardware problems), I was able to quickly and easily install the Bluetooth barcode scanning functionality. My experience convinced me that is a great company to deal with. -Dudley Andersen, Ph. D.

I work for an independent telephone company that also provides ISP services. One of the services we offer is fixed wireless broadband Internet using equipment manufactured by AirSpan. I use SerialMagic software to facilitate a serial connection between a PDA and the AirSpan equipment. It works wonderfully. - Rob Barnes

We use the LaserChamp barcode scanner and SerialMagic Pro software for OS X to record the serial number of computers to be printed on invoices using Business Base software it has worked well for us. - Leendert Jenezon,  LJS Automatisering BV

I purchased the LaserChamp Bluetooth barcode scanner and SerialMagic Pro software for my used book store that I was opening. Though I have had a few stumbles along the way with the equipment, Serialio has been there to help me with every little thing. The customer service I have received from them has been outstanding. I wish all companies treated their customers like I have been treated by Serialio. I would recommended Serialio to anyone! Thanks! - Alisa Hinds, That Book Store

I own an online store Stuffnwhatnot, and I purchased a LaserChamp Bluetooth scanner and SerialMagic a few months ago to help me with the book part of my business.  I use the scanner to upload books, CD's and movies onto my inventory management software, which then helps me list them online.  I also recently purchsed the SerialMagic Professional for Windows Mobile software, from, that allows me to use the LaserChamp Bluetooth scanner with my Windows Mobile PDA.  This way I can still use the LaserChamp scanner even if I'm away from my computer. had the scanner I needed at the best price.  I have since recommended to other book sellers I know.  I have been very pleased with SerialMagic and the LaserChamp. Thank you! - David Khol, Owner

We are very happy with the performance of our Laserchamp Bluetooth scanner, as well as the support we have received for it. We use the LaserChamp connected to a Motorola Q phone to enter kanban orders through a web interface. We printed barcodes for our parts, and the onsite specialist can simply scan the appropriate part ID barcode to instantly create orders for low stock parts. - Heather Luttrell, Systems Engineer, FB Johnston Graphics

SerialMagic is used to connect Sartorius micro-balance through Serial RS-232C to USB converter and a simple null-modem type RS-232C converter which I made myself. We use SerialMagic to directly put the weight data from the balance onto Excel running on Mac OS-X.  It works well. I contacted Serialio technical support  and within a couple hours got my question answered, even though it was at night.  I was very impressed with Serialio's punctuality and knowledge. - Naoki Takebayashi

SerialMagic works great!  I used to manually type in serial numbers and other kinds of data, which was very error prone, and time consuming. With SerialMagic, I simply scan barcodes and data is entered quickly and without error. SerialMagic  has worked seamlessly from the beginning. If I were in the market for barcode scanning solutions I would again choose Thank you for the very helpful and effective solution. - Jean-Michel Therond

We Purchased SerialMagic Professional for Windows Mobile. SerialMagic now allows us to scan directly into their software. I have contacted tech support a couple of times and have been very impressed with the quick and thoughtful assistance they provided. Thank you, we will be returning for future purchases! - Karen Mellendorf
SerialMagic Pro is the most compatible barcode software I have used. As a consultant, I have used many solutions on many different platforms. SerialMagic is easy to configure, installs easily, and most importantly it integrates and works well. SerialIO support is excellent. They will help you find what you need for your solution. If your needs are mobile, I highly recommend this software for pda or smartphone. We use SerialMagic on samsung blackjack II with Baracoda Pencil2 - Mark Sneed
I am using my Microvision Flic scanner via SerialMagic with the Mac version of ReaderWare for cataloging my books and it is working great. - Hendel Thistletop

We currently have about 80 mobile service engineers using SerialMagic Pro software which enables the communication between our LaserChamp scanners with Qtec V1620 PDA's. All of our company's service operations and parts are bar coded and the engineers use the equipment to complete electronic 'job card's'. We are very happy with the Serial Magic software. It is very easy to install and set up and we find it very reliable in day to day use. - Kevin Stilwell, Principal Engineer, Marshall Fleet Solutions

Thank you on your quick and efficient service getting our order to us - far better than we are used to in the UK and consequently far beyond my expectations!
I will recommend you to everyone I know! Many many thanks - Brian Hood

I use an RFID reader from Allflex and SerialMagic to scan tags into an Excel spread sheet. SerialMagic works great, I am very happy! - Andrew Kellom

I initially purchased "Delicious Library" application packaged with a ROV barcode scanner. I was disappointed with the software. I needed something to inventory my recording studio and production company. I'm now using the ROV scanner, "SerialMagic" and FileMaker Pro to create my own barcodes for equipment and media here at the studio along with a PTouch labeler for barcode printing. SerialMagic Professional seamlessly interfaces the ROV Bluetooth scanner to FileMaker on my MacBook Pro. -David Shaw, Radio Active Productions

We are using the LaserMagic Bluetooth scanning bundle at our Police Department in Milford, New Hampshire to scan evidence. It is working out very well and we're very happy with the system. Thanks for the great service your company provided - Leen In 't Veld

I am an Online Bookseller and I use the LaserChamp and SerialMagic to scan books in my warehouse. I find it terrific - it saves time, lifting, etc! I have recommended the LaserMagic bundle to other people who have purchased same! - Alan Warnock

I learned about the LaserMagic bundle through a friend of mine who highly recommended it. Since I could never get the CueCat, that came with Readerware, to work I purchased the LaserChamp. Initally I had some trouble pairing SerialMagic with the LaserChamp but after speaking with Dan, in tech support, I got it all worked out.  The program is awesome. - Sophie Carmichael

I work for a government agency and learned about SerialMagic from Allflex. I use SerialMagic with an Allflex RFID reader as well as a Farnam Panel Reader System. I found SerialMagic easy to use and it only took me a few minutes to set it up. - J. E.

We purchased the LaserMagic II Bluetooth Professional Windows Mobile bundle for testing purposes.  We are a software developer.  We sell business management software to the Green industry - Landscape Contractors, Landscape Maintenance, Nurseries and Retail Garden Centers.  Our product is called SLICEplus. Some of our applications include the use of a handheld Pocket PC and scanning in bar codes for inventory items.  We combine the LaserChamp II Bluetooth scanner, the customer's choice of a Pocket PC with Windows Mobile and our software application to help our customers perform physical inventory, fast merchandise entry, etc.  We are planning to recommend your scanner to all our future customers who plan to use these types of handheld applications.- John Sherwin, Slice Technologies
Thanks heaps for your info. I don't deal with software like this often, so I really appreciate a step by step guide to save me stumbling along from hurdle to hurdle. SerialMagic is installed and working fine now - we are using it to send data from digital calipers to an IP67 Palm. - Rodney Roberts

I built a custom Filemaker Pro asset management system for all of our computers, printers, faxes, cell phones, etc here at Cubist. One of my help desk techs went around, using the LaserChamp Bluetooth scanner and SerialMagic Pro along with a T-Mobile WIZA 200 equipped with WM5, to locate every asset in our company (900+ items) and zap them all into our database.  Now, any asset that comes into our department or leaves, gets tagged at the door by the scanner and its destination put in.  Full asset management! - Nathan McBride

I use the LaserChamp scanner and SerialMagic in combination with Readerware to scan books. I have about 60,000 - 75,000 books that I want to catalog. I wanted an affordable scanner that I could bring around with me that was not connected to a computer and so far the LaserChamp has worked very nicely!" - LaRae Roe

I am a book dealer. I use the LaserChamp Bluetooth barcode scanner and SerialMagic Pro software with my BlackBerry.  First of all, let me say that I'm NOT a computer savvy person, but the wonderful folks at walked me through every step.  The customer service is awesome!  I sent email and get response almost immediately.  You can't ask for more than that! -D. Aldridge, DGABooks

PharmacoMedia is a pharmaceutical and healthcare communications company who has implemented a client survey system to collect healthcare data from patients. In order to adhere to strict HIPAA guidelines and protect confidential patient healthcare information, barcodes are used on our surveys to allow data collection on the same person over time without disclosing any personal data on the survey forms. We use the LaserChamp scanner and SerialMagic Professional software for OS X and Windows to help accomplish this task. The scanning solution works very well to speed data processing while significantly reduce data entry errors. - Michael Vinegra, President

We are a relatively small bookstore in a French Canadian environment where we sell on site and we go to shows where we needed flexible barcode scanning to easily establish the prices when a crowd is hanging around. Also we wanted to accelerate the inventoring process. As our inventory system is based on Linux and PostgresSQL the scanner and the software should support this environment. For flexibilty we needed of course Bluetooth. We found the LaserMagic Bluetooth scanner which met these requirements. The price was right and the hardware and software work to full satisfaction.
-Gernand Brueckmann Ph.D.
Pontius Livres-Books-Buecher

We use several scanners for the companies team of sales representatives.  The speed of scanning orders instead of manuel  input allows the sales force to do their job with a higher degree of accuracy and efficency.  We are the only company that I know of in the optical industry that uses this technology. Reps chooses which device they will use, ranging from PDA's, smart phones, PC, and Mac. SerialMagic Professional Software is Great  and has exceptional customer service. I do not hesitate to recommend Serialio and there SerialMagic software to my colleagues. offers a truly flexible product that meets our companies scanning needs to a T. - James Crofton, International Development Director, Jai Kudo Eyewear

We use SerialMagic Professional with a ROV scanner for time tracking/metrics.  SerialMagic splits the barcode value between Task Type (first set of digits within barcode) and Project Number (second set of digits within barcode).  We scan the barcode when we begin a task, the codes are sent to an access database, then before scanning the next task the time is calculated.  The team’s metrics are gathered and compiled monthly.  We have been able to provide much more detailed metrics since using this method.  Additionally, because we are a service organization, we are able to use the SerialMagic to create different profiles containing customer numbers to add an even greater level of detail.  - Tany

We use SerialMagic Professional to collect barcode scans into BG-Map Garden Notepad application on Windows Mobile. SerialMagic eliminates data entry errors saving much time and frustration (not to mention money)  - Botanic Garden of Smith College

Customers Using KDC200 Bluetooth Scanner, SerialMagic

I'm using my Dell Axim x51v PDA to scout for books, CDs and DVDs with a scouting service A-Seller-Tool program and could not be happier with my recent purchase of the KDC200 mobile bundle.
The scanner is slightly bigger than a matchbox, yet powerful enough for quick scanning under direct Arizona sunlight. Integration between SerialMagic Professional software and the KDC200 Bluetooth wireless barcode scanner makes it easy to use and configure. Scouting for books has never been easier and more convenient for me.'s support throughout the whole setup was top notch! I will confidently recommend your company and products to others. - Juan Diaz

Customers Using BlueSnap

I purchased the BlueSnapXP Bluetooth Dongle because as a Network Engineer for a growing company, I find myself up on a ladder or in some sort of lift working in the ceiling of a warehouse or production facility, programming some type of switch or access point.  I also have a great fear of heights.  The BlueSnapXP allows me to go up the ladder, plug the Bluetooth module into the network equipment, then then work on the programming safely with both feet on the ground. No more standing on a ladder balancing my laptop in one hand and typing with the other. One of the best things I ever bought for my work!  I'm also able to sync it with my Nokia N810 Tablet. So now I don't even have to take my laptop, I can just use the tablet in a pinch. - Troy Backus, Network Engineer, Berry Plastics Corp.

Serialio's BlueSnap products work great! We use the BlueSnapXP and BlueSnapUSB to communicate wirelessly from electronic flow meters to Fisher ROC 100/300/500/800 series flow computers. This is especially valuable when we have a transmitter that needs calibration and it's located several feet from the flow computer. We have also used this setup to configure MDS radios that we use for communication. -Walt Moore, Oneok Field Services

I recently purchased one of your BlueSnap RS-232 serial Bluetooth Dongle products. It works wonderfully! I'm sure that you have companies that are doing groundbreaking work with your products, mine is self serving. I have developed a home automated bar. It is a simple setup using relay activated valves connected to CO2 pressurized "adult beverage" containers. The relays are on a serial board and I really wanted to communicate with them via my PDA. With the help of your bluetooth dongle I can do so wirelessly. With the touchscreen interface to a Visual Basic program created for Pocket PC 2003, I can order one of hundreds of drinks from my 16 beverage ingredients. Thank you for your product and the role it plays in my computerized system! - Darren W. Murphy

I use the BlueSnap AAA Bluetooth Dongle to configure & troubleshoot Cisco equipment within large local deployments. Because of the short Cisco Console-Cable, I’m often limited where I have to stand and there is not always power when my notebook battery is empty. The battery operated BlueSnap AAA Bluetooth RS-232 dongle gives me the possibility to work from one place where it’s convenient and just move the dongle from one system to another. -Lukas Krattiger,  NextiraOne Schweiz GmbH

Our company develops and markets technology for the knowledge of water (hydric resources) we purchased the BlueSnap Standard Bluetooth Dongles from to be directly integrated onto the board of our equipment, which connects to a iPAQ 110 PDA that is used to take real time data. Once installed, the devices have worked well without any issues - Alejandro Carvajal, Amazonas Technologies S.A., Colombia

I purchased a BlueSnapXP Bluetooth Dongle with a 4" Long-Range Antenna last fall. My experience with your product has been great, I used it to retrofit a very expensive GPS Correction unit so I'm able to eliminate many feet of cables. I have had no problems with the BlueSnap, the range and battery life of the product have been great. Thank you for providing a product as advertised. –Chad Sexton, GIS Analyst, Theodore Roosevelt National Park

I recently purchased a new BlueSnap Bluetooth Module and the new  version of SerialMagic Pro. I contacted tech support to help setup the BlueSnap module. He walked me through each problem I had and I am now using it problem free. Also I must say that the new version of SerialMagic Pro is very intuitive and user friendly. I like the new tray icon which shows when the scanner is connected to the blue tooth module by changing what it displays. Thank you, I really appreciate everything. - James Olson

I use the BlueSnap with a piece of field equipment called a PowerAIM 120 ( ) which communicates with a laptop computer via RS-232. 
With Bluetooth already built-in to the laptop using the BlueSnap Standard  to get rid of the cable was a no-brainer. I’d definitely buy one again and have been referring business associates to your company to buy these for their own purposes.  Serialio's BlueSnap Standard is perfect.  - Mark Mueller, Mueller Broadcast Design.

Customers Using WiSnap

I am a harbor pilot in Charleston, SC. In case you are unfamiliar with our work, we climb aboard ships about 15 miles off the coast and navigate them into port to our various ship terminals.  I am utilizing the WiSnap as a link between shipboard AIS (Automatic Identification System) and iPad or iPhone. Shipboard AIS is a system that involves a standard serial port that is required on every ship. It provides not only the ship's GPS data but also the data of all the other ships in the area. There are various software packages and apps such as INavx that allow the presentation of this on a digital map. - Doug Logan - Vigilant Navigation -

I'm using the WiSnap Embedded Kit M1-USB  to interface my iPad to routers and switches for initial configuration and emergency (failure) connectivity.  Previously I used a notebook and USB-serial adapter, but the iPad has replaced my notebook completely.  With your device, it's much easier to work on routers in rack cabinets as I can step away from the cabinet and find a comfortable place to sit and work. - Carlos Alvarez

Customers Using SerialPort and Other APIs

"We have used SerialPort in our disk drive manufacturing facilities since the year 2000 and it has performed without a single error in the manufacturing of over 2 BILLION hard disk drives and counting - year of this report is 2010". - James Skaggs, Seagate.

"We develop an application called Energy Station which downloads and analyses electricity consumption data from a Current Cost device and helps people to understand how they use electricity around the home and how they can reduce waste and save money. The Current Cost device connects to the PC using a serial to USB cable. During testing we found that the Prolific driver was causing bluescreen problems on Windows Vista. We tested several alternatives and found the driver to be the most stable. We recommend the driver for use with Techtoniq Energy Station and the Current Cost Device" - Matt Daniels, Managing Director and CTO, Techtoniq Ltd.

Our Java application requires communication with embedded devices using a serial connection. We were using the open-source RxTx package but we had stability issues with RxTX. We decided to use SerialPort and our application now works like a charm. Took 30 minutes to replaces RxTx implementation in our code and now everything runs as expected: concurrent access to multiple com ports now works just fine. I love nice little products like SerialPort!
. -Jean-Cédric Desrochers, Imetrik

I wanted to take the time to thank you for the wonderful software package you provide. The installation was trivial and it just plain worked. It's a beautiful thing. I wanted to complement your engineers and doc writers for a tremendous job. Great going and keep up the fantastic work! I can't begin to tell you how much time and headache your software will save me. -Richard J. Fox, Ph.D, Senior Software Engineer

With your javax.comm implementation we don't have the problems we saw with the Sun implementation, but I'm not sure I care about javax.comm anymore because the SerialPort API is much easier to use than javax.comm. -George Patterson, Minimed
We've got the Serialio Java class working in "record breaking time", i.e. it took an amazing 5 minutes to get our Java application to send bytes through the serial port. -Trajano Roberto, Marketing Engineer, Amstras.
My company purchased your serialio, modem and ZModem java products for the Win32 platform a little over a year ago. We implemented them in our production environment, communicating with 5 different sites multiple times each day and have been extremely pleased with their performance. -Jim Rohan,, Inc.
Thanks tremendously for your help. I will definitely be recommending your software to everyone I meet who mentions the words serial port and Java in the same sentence. -Dr. Harold Sargent, Biosoft Inc.

Some months ago, I was creating a Windows-based controller to manage a modem bank using Java. After initially trying serial drivers from RxTxComm, IBM and Sun each with various problems in stability and operational behavior, I purchased's SerialPort package.

I was immensely pleased when the package went in seamlessly with no coding changes (using the javax.comm.SerialPort layer), and more so that it has been working reliably ever since.

The original goal was to control up to 16 modems on a mid-level (circa 2003) system, thanks in part to SerialPort's implementation, the final product is confidently estimated to support at least 128 and as many as 256 modems, concurrently streaming data at up to 56Kbps.

I should have bought SerialPort at the outset, and saved myself considerable time and frustration.  My future Java projects that require serial I/O will definitely use SerialPort.

- Lawrence Dol, ADVANCED BusinessLink Corporation.

I found the site via the Apple Developer Connection.  I knew it had to be a good outfit if Apple was willing to suggest them as a source.   I purchased the SerialIO SerialPort Java package and it worked right out of the 'box'.  Then, a month later, I ran into a problem which coincided with my purchase/use of a MacPro after my G5 konked out.  Sadly, things did not work on this Intel-based machine.  I was concerned about OS/Java hassles - and wrote to SerialIO support.   Shortly thereafter I got eMail support which helped me isolate the problem and determined I was trying to work with a file that had become corrupted. Thanks to the rapid response from SerialIO support I was able to get back to doing useful work - despite the self-inflicted gunshot wound to my foot.  Here's a collective word out of "You deh Mann!" to SerialIO Support.  Lance Drake - Contract Mac Developer - Santa Fe, NM
SerialPort has saved me tons of time over the years. Your interface is very concise, straightforward, easy to use and very easy to deploy. SerialPort has been used in-house to deploy data acquisition for a custom wireless network implemented with UHF radio. In addition, we use it in-house for our transponder programming. Deployed at run-time, SerialPort is remarkably fast. I never have to worry if the serial code will keep up with the rest of the app. In fact, most of the time it's the other way around! -Jeff Edelstein, ComStar, LLC
I would just like to say that your product SMOKES! The speed increase over the Sun implementation is amazing. Thanks again for the quick response. -Dave Smith
Kudos to your development team for the ease of use of the Serialio product. The sample applications supplied with the software have been more than sufficient in aiding the development of our serial-based application designed for laboratory use. We were sending bytes to the port and receiving responses within a matter of minutes upon purchasing and downloading your serialio classes. The nominal product fee paid for itself in the first day. -John Boyack, IT Manager, Diagnostix, Ltd.
We were having a performance problem with Sun's javax.comm implementation. We purchased your product, and got it running with our app using the javax.comm API without any changes to our code. After doing so, we even found a buffer length problem that was not being caught by Sun's comm implementation (This had nothing to do with our performance problem). Apart from this, the performance is now excellent - certainly more like what I would have expected! Our application can continually stream data at 115kb in both directions simultaneously with full error detection and correction -Milton Taylor, Ingennia.
Not only did the software work well, the service provided by your company was outstanding. Thanks for a very good product. -Richard Baldwin
I just bought your API which solved some performance issues compared to Sun's COMM API. Unbelievable that a read() call took 200 ms with Sun's API. -Henrik Maier, FOCUS Software Engineering
Your product has solved the performance problems that I was faced with using the RXTX Java Serial comm package on OSX -Steven Humphrey
I like JeTerm's ease of configuration . I had it set for our own unique parameters to interface with our Cisco devices in less than 40 seconds after install. I also like the ability to split the send and receive screens. I wish this feature existed on Hyperterminal, Putty, and SecureCRT. -Jeff Embry, WI2T
Your SerialPort code is great...saved me months of work!. -Chris Robson, Bell Atlantic
We built a javax.comm application, but the Sun libraries were not working properly, and we could not get anyone at Sun to help. Their forums only revealed that many other folks seemed to have the same problem. We found your SerialPort product, and within minutes of receiving SerialPort, our application was working smoothly! If only everything else could be this easy!!! -Frederic Rudman, Chatham Software Corp.
We started to develop our UNI VISIONtm software using the Sun's Comm.API (two O.S. supported). Getting Serialio professional product, our software became runnable on 20 Operating Systems without any change. Very efficient, stable and powerful libraries. Thank's for the very high quality support. -Luciano Neri, Socomec group
Not only did SerialPort save me a LOT of time but it is a big reason why my data acquisition system performs so well. -Bob Abbott
We decided to buy SerialPort because we need to use more than four COM ports, and the Sun implementation only supports COM1-COM4 in Windows 98.We are using several multiport USB devices and everything is working nicely with SerialPort. -John Lowe
We are about to release our JButtons product which uses the javax.comm.SerialPort. We recommend Serialio to go along with it. We tried Sun's implementation of javax.comm.SerialPort, but gave up. We never got it to work -Sean Kelley
I just purchased your SerialPort product because I was unable to get the SerialDemo that came with Sun's javax.comm.SerialPort implementation working. After installing SerialPort, their SerialDemo example works with your javax.comm.SerialPort implementation! I'm using IBM's VisualAge for Java Professional on WinNT. -Steve Zielinski
SerialPort works like a dream. -M.Maneschi
I am using the Zaurus SerialPort package on an Intrinsyc Cerfboard. It works very well, and it works well. -Stephen, Mueller
SerialPort is a Nice API, much nicer than javax.comm, especially the Modem utility class and the SnoopLoop. -Dave Rosky
I got SerialPort on Friday night, had it integrated into our app by noon on Saturday. I must say, the documentation is Superb, the sample application source code is very enlightening.-Ken Klask
We tried implementing the Sun Comm API package but had problems on our SPARC-V9 64-bit Solaris 2.6 machine. SerialPort provided the solution we needed. -Stephen Young
I've been extremely pleased with your software - it's well designed, well documented, and it works. We've been using it extensively with a multi-port RS-232 board and it's performed flawlessly. -P. Cornelius
We had an application thread running within Tomcat 4 on Windows 2000 that read data from a set of barcode readers, calculated statistics, and logged results to a Jini service using RMI. The combination of Tomcat's multiple classloaders and RMI's need for a security manager caused the Sun comm drivers to fail. Dropping in the drivers solved the problem without any code changes required. And being able to purchase online and download instantly let us get the installation running right at the client site at 9:30 on a Friday night. -Greg Trasuk, President StratusCom Manufacturing Systems Inc.
I have used SerialPort in our product and have absolutely no problems with it. I Wish that was true of other products. -R.Cruise
We had problems getting the 'standard' Sun javax.comm.SerialPort API working, so we rewrote our driver to use the SerialPort API directly and now it works. Guess we'll have to change our 'standards' :) -Luc Snijers
After going through a few other 3rd party serial solutions for our J++ application, we tried SerialPort. Our custom hardware runs at high baud rates and we were having problems with buffer overflows. SerialPort gave us the control we needed and has been rock solid. When considering a port to C#, we found we were able to use IKVM to compile the SerialPort jar directly into a .NET assembly and it's worked without a hitch. Today we continue to cross-compile our Java libraries that use SerialPort to .NET through IKVM and are very pleased with its performance. -Chris Morris, eInstruction
I love your product. You have one very happy customer in me. I use SerialPort for Java in Robot control applications, and it has been a joy to work with, and saved me no end of time. -R.Ungar
We needed a serial solution for our Wyse terminals using Windows Terminal Service Client with the RDP protocol. We tried to use the open source commapi from RXTX. The RXTX commapi has a bug which causes our program to freeze. With SerialPort our application works reliably. -Joost van de Wiel, ABS Laundry Logic
The SerialPort toolkit made me look very good in front of a customer today. Hats off to you! -J.Cocula
I wrote you just hours ago about how I've had problems with Sun's COMM API implementation with our product that utilizes serial communications to talk to a GSM Modem. Sometimes we get this error code from the Java COMM API. "Win32 Comm Driver: Error 995". I thought it was something badly implemented with Sun's API. Sure enough, I order your product and no more problems! I didn't even have to change my code since you provide the Comm API wrapper. Beautiful! Thank you so much! -Joseph Lauer, Simplewire, Inc.
The USB-RS232 drivers installed properly on my Mac OSX 10.2 (17" G4 laptop) and your serial lib works splendidly allowing me to talk to an Eventide DSP7000 via serial on a Mac! -Allan Hoeltje
The Serialio package has given my Java programming a whole new dimension. Thank you for making this possible. -T.Hellström
Just wanted to say that I just purchased the Mac SerialPort package, and it does everything I needed. Thanks for supporting the Mac platform! -J.Ray
You have been very responsive and the packages are very well done. -B.Kalkwarf
I always select the SerialPort API over javax.comm.SerialPort whenever I have a choice. The javax.comm.SerialPort API is difficult to setup and to use, especially having to deal with the silly properties file. In addition (or should I say, in subtraction) javax.comm.SerialPort does not provide a proper transmit timeout feature, so threads have the potential of lockup when transmitting. - Mike Karlesky
Thanks a lot for a great product! -R.Mackay
Thanks for all your help, we got our program working. It was refreshing to see your willingness to help, you don't see that kind of helpfulness in the software industry too often. -J.Apte
Setting out to write a serial port application in Java, I had thought that the world of java serial port libraries was in shambles.  I tried everything I could find and couldn't get anything to work until I found SerialPort. These libraries worked right off the bat, and gave me the flexibility to choose how I wanted to implement them, and implementation of javax.comm kept me from having to rewrite much of my code.  Every step along the way to getting my application working, the SerialPort support helped me keep going, promptly answering all my inquiries and working with me until we had come up the best solution for my serial port application.  Thanks! -Joshua Chambers, Kind Computer Solutions
I'd like to praise your excellent product which provides a very elegant and cost-effective way to enhance Java functionality's. -H.Tran
The level of support you have provided makes me extremely glad that I purchased your product (XModem Professional) and will definitely recommend it to anyone...It was extremely easy to use to develop my application. - Terry Fussell
Evergreen Research, Inc. is a medical device developer. Many products developed over the past 10 years use an embedded PC to control physical end effectors, like motors, solenoids, pumps, pressure transducers, load cells, etc. The PC uses serial lines, sometimes a single RS-485, sometimes a group of RS-232s, to communicate with embedded controllers, like 80C51s or 68HC12s. The embedded controllers operate the end effectors. Evergreen has developed a light-weight serial protocol that standardizes and validates the serial communications without imposing a high overhead.

Some of the products using our technology

  • Pharmacy compounder that mixes IV solutions for intravenous feeding.
  • Heart-lung machine used during cardiac bypass surgery.
  • Syringe filling machine.
  • Production tester for electrosurgical generators.
  • IV bag weighing scale.
  • Whole-body cooler for acute treatment of stroke.
  • Bearing monitor for large industrial pumps.

Evergreen purchased and installed both the Windows and Linux versions of SerialPort. It installated without a hitch, and works great. I wish all of the software products purchased were as good as yours. Thanks for a great product! -George J. Eilers - Evergreen Research, Inc.

Many thanks for your excellent service. If only all software support could be so superb!!! -Scott Robertson, UK

Fanfare provides the only software solutions to help high-tech equipment vendors and service providers simplify and accelerate system and device testing. As part of our solution, we provide our customers the ability to test their devices connected through a serial port connection. After researching various third-party solutions, we selected's SerialPort product as we found it to be the best tool for working with serial port connections in a Java application. We would recommend SerialPort for anyone wishing to add serial port connectivity to a Java application -Ameya Barve, Manager Software Engineering - The Fanfare Group, Inc.

Customers Using Cables

In 2009 I upgraded to a computer system using Windows 7 Pro and of course no RS-232 serial port. I have been using an RSI-CED Millenium chronograph for years and have acquired an extensive amount of data over the years with this system. The manufacturer of the chronograph recommended as a source for a USB to RS-232 serial adapter. I ordered one in January of 2010 and promptly received it. When I tried it, and the enclosed software, I could not get it to work on my system running Windows 7. Like a stubborn fool I would try different things and downloads with no success. I didn't bother to contact customer support until November 2010 - I figured for a $19.95 cable I would just be wasting more time. What a pleasant surprise!! I received a reply and a possible fix in a matter of HOURS!!! Due to my inexperience with Windows 7 I could not get the download, suggested by Serialio, to extract. I sent an email back explaining my problem and in less than an hour I had a reply and a solution to my problem!!! Any company that has customer support like this for an item as small as a $20. cable, and to still support it after 10 months of my procrastination, has to be one of the BEST companies out there!! Thanks again to Jordan for his quick, professional responses and to the SerialiO company for their excellent products. I would not hesitate to try any of their products in the future. - Lee Keeney, Rapid City, SD
I purchased the Axim X50,X51 RS-232 Cable & power jack with MHPower from The cable is working great! I was very satisfied with the website, pricing, ordering and delivery. We will certainly buy from you again. - Michael Docktor, Flowserve Corporation
I just got my Palm RS-232 serial cable today and it clips solidly onto my new Tungsten T3. I use my serial cable for two things: 1) to connect my Garmin eTrex GPS to the Palm mapping software HandMap (which looks GREAT on the T3) and as a console cable with the serial terminal application, "ptelnet" when I'm configuring network routers and switches and servers. Thanks for building an inexpensive yet robust piece of gear! -Daniel MacKay - Nova Scotia

We're using the 4 USB-A Female to OTG mini-A Male cables that we purchased from for downloading applications into payment terminals from USB flash memory. The cables serve perfectly for that purpose and we're satisfied with them. - Tomas Parizek, Payment Systems, BULL S.R.O., Czech Republic

We are working on product that has OTG mini AB receptacle on board. We need the USB-A to OTG mini-A cable to connect any device on the board and these cables are hard to find on the market. We searched in the local market here in delhi. We found the cable but that was not working with our board  because of long length and poor shielding of the cable. Finally we searched on the net and found out about SerialIO. Your USB-A to OTG mini-A cable is working perfectly. Thanks!- Abhijit Singh, STMicroelectronics Pvt. Ltd, India

I loved my Palm RS-232 serial cable on my old Palm T3 so much that it was the first thing I bought for my Palm T|X after I upgraded.  I use it mostly to connect my Garmin eTrex GPS unit to the HandMap mapping software, but I've used the Palm as an emergency serial terminal when configuring network devices such as Sun servers and cisco routers. -Daniel MacKay - Nova Scotia

The USB-A Female to OTG mini-A Male cables work great for us and we have never seen any issues.  Your service is awesome. My orders are always on time, and confirmations are always sent the same day as I purchase. Thank you! – Sherie McPolin, Juniper Systems

ZThinCable The guys at SerialIO provided him with exceptional support -- even to the extent of writing him a very detailed tutorial with a screen-shot on how to install and use minicom to prove out the cable! He forwarded me all their emails; whomever 'daveb' is should get some kind of award for customer support. -Post to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
I happy to report my Z is communicating fine with my Sun boxes using ZThinCable. You can count me as another satisfied customer. -Carl Marino
Thanks for catching the error on our ZThinCable order. I'm very impressed with you as a vendor...not too many companies out there would have dropped a note to the customer. Very kind and well noted! -Dan Michael
Your ZThinCable is build like a tank -- I like it - John Howard
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